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We have been breeding English Springer Spaniels since 1997. All of our dogs and puppies are raised in a home environment with children and other dogs and one cat. Springers are flushing dogs that complement any bird hunt by flushing and retrieving birds to the hunter with the urgency to turn around and flush and retrieve the next bird.
The best thing about an English Springer Spaniel is that the Springer adjusts to his or her environment with ease. Springers are a good kennel dog and also a wonderful house dog. They are soft mouthed dogs that enjoy playing on the floor with their owner and children that live in the home. Springers welcome visitors hoping that ultimately, they came just to see them and maybe they even brought a treat.
Springers like to socialize. Going on car rides and visiting other people and other dogs always makes them look forward to the next outing.

All of our dogs are AKC registered. The sires that we use are master hunters that also will complement the litters our dogs produce by offering genetics to a favorable size, color and temperament. We use master hunters because of the amount of skill that they need to achieve that level. This gives us an advantage to producing another master hunter and also giving a future companion dog. That intelligence sometimes is needed to make training much easier for the owner. No matter what the task is that the Springer is learning.

Our Prices

Females 8 weeks old : $500.00
Females 6-12 months old (started) : $750.00 & up
Males 8 weeks old : $300.00
Males 6-12 months old (started) : $600.00 & up

Our prices of our dogs depend on several things.
The first factor considered is how much does it cost to have our dog breed. We breed only to OFA certified studs with a proven hunting background. (AKC Hunt Tested Master Hunter qualified.) Usually this is right around $500.00 plus the cost of delivering our females to the stud dogs that may be several hundred miles away. Also taken into consideration is how much time has been invested into training the pup, markings, and the pups potential. All of our puppies have the dew claws removed and tails docked at about 3 days of age. They are all vaccinated and dewormed as needed while they are with us to protect them and our other dogs from any illness.

12 years old
40 pounds black and white
AKC Registered
SH & WDX titles

Indy (daughter of Misty)
4 years old
36 pounds black and white
AKC Registered
Sugar and her first litter of puppies. Yes, she also raised the kitten.
Lumber (Son of Carrie)
22 months old
40 Pounds
Black and White
Ginger(Daughter of Misty)
5 Months old
Liver and White

Lady(Daughter of Indy and Bobby)
Black and White Female
Ringo taken by Molly S
Molly and Ringo
6 Weeks old
10 pounds Liver and White
Son of Indy

Sold to Molly S.
Josie (daughter of Carrie)
Josie was sold to the Kron family in
Eau Claire WI. 1-31-06

Thought you might be happy to know that Josie has adjusted to life with 4 boys remarkably well. She has grown into a well mannered family dog that is very charming and gentlel. She loves being around people as well as other dogs. Josie has found her way into all of our hearts and has become rather spoiled, but in a good way! We took her to basic obedience class and then furthered her training with a hunting class. Her shyness to guns subsided quickly after she figured out she could run through the woods. She loves to bird hunt and has proven herself to be very good at it, although, on one hunting trip she found a porcupine and ended up with a nose full of quills! Josie has been such a wonderful addition to our family and we are very happy we stumbled upon her at the sportsman show.
Thanks so much,
The Kron Family

It was sad to see you go, but we are glad you are with Brad and Heather.

Randy & Ana,
Mattie is doing great! She is very fine with water...we never introduced her - she found it herself! it was pretty funny - we were at a park playing fetch and next thing i knew, once we came even remotely close to the pond, she was in it on her own...
we love having her around - she is so much fun.
she has her first vet appointment on monday afternoon - and then we will probably spay her soon after that.
the fence hasn't been an issue, except there is a spot where she can jump over it - so when we have her in the front yard - we are out there with her until we can fix that spot...
anyway - just wanted to shoot you an update - things are going great - she also did great when we were at work yesterday...
hoping you guys are doing well!
heather and brad

Pearl (daughter of Indy)
4 Months old(on the left)
1+ year old(on the right)
15 pounds white and liver
AKC registered

Pearl was sold to a family in Osseo WI. 2-1-06
A recent e mail message from Pearl's owner-


Pearl doesn't sit still very often to get a decent photo of her, but I finally managed to catch her still ! I thought I'd have to send you one of her going potty, because that's about the only time she's slow. She has turned out to be a very eager to please bundle of energy, and I am the only one who can make her mind. She loves being outdoors in all kinds of weather. She is a momma's girl, though she revels in getting attention from anyone. She's rather unsure of strange dogs, though, and it takes her a bit to warm up to any that she runs into. She and our Pug are nearly inseparable. We haven't had her spayed, but we haven't bred her, either. Birds of any kind attract her attention, and she loves water. We haven't had her out hunting where any birds have been shot, but she will point and flush, but usually doesn't wait until she's been told to, yet. We are working on it. LOL! So, what do you think of your Baby?

Hi Randy and Ana,

We wanted to give you an update on “Chance”. We picked him up on Mother’s Day 2006 and he was 8 months old at the time. He is a wonderful dog and has become one of our family.

Keith has joined a Kennel Club and has taken “Chance” for obedience training. He is now in Novice 2. He loves to play ball, swim, and go for long walks and runs.

We are very fortunate that chance has a cousin living down the street. “Gunner” (Glen and Shirley Glow) lives a few houses away and the dogs go spastic when they see each other. They run and play until they drop. Keith also sees “Ringo”, Molly’s dog at the kennel club.

We have truly enjoyed “Chance” he is very entertaining and we love him.
The Black Family, Keith, Wendy, Audrey and George

Hi Randy - I just saw your ad in the Shopping News and checked out your
website. I had forgotten what name you had for your outfitters business.

As I looked at your other puppies, I thought maybe you'd like a couple
shots of Lucy. And an update on her as well.

I can't begin to say how much we love having Lucy as part of our family.
With John being retired, she's his buddy day in and day out. Her
wonderful, joyful personality is such a pleasure to live with. She is
great with people and kids of all ages. She loves other dogs as well.

Lucy has had 4 levels of obedience classes at Shea's Best of Friends -
Dodgeville. She has also received her AKC Good Citizen Award.

We have also taken her to the Lighthouse Kennels at Cambria, WI and had
her field trained with Jason Givens. She's done some retrieving, but
really is somewhat gun shy. John isn't a hunter, so he isn't bothered by
her fright of gun shots. She's still always on the "hunt"!!

Someday, when I retire from my fulltime position, I hope to purchase a
"playmate" for Lucy. But John said that wasn't going to happen until I
was there to help!

Lucy's sire was Murphy from Rock River Kennels.
Her mother was Huffeys Sweet As Sugar.

Good luck with your business. And thanks again so much for introducing us
to the World of English Springer Spaniels!!

Vicki & John H
Platteville, WI

Jake is adjusting very well to his new name and enviroment. he saw the geese yesterday and decided that those were really BIG birds and backed away from them. since they weren't afraid of him he must have figured out that they weren't the kind of bird you go out and trounce.

Today he and I went down to the pier, oh so funny. he fell off and scrambled to shore. then he came back up on the pier and jumped off and started swimming. I think he will be swimming when ever he can as he just loves it. So I took some pictures of him and also of our girls. I thought you would like to have them.


Ode To The Dogs Who Loved us All

You greeted your loved ones at the door,
With love in your eyes and heart only for them.
You played, snuggled, comforted and kept them warm.
In their hearts you will always be,
"the dog who loved us most"
At heavens gate you will greet them once again,
We will miss you Bobby and Dexter.

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