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Iowa Pheasant Hunting Pictures.
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This young monona native took his Springer out for the first time in 2004 and got two good looking roosters.
Erik G., and Albert from Milwaukee, WI. with their pheasant.
Pat Cook, a wisconsin native and avid hunter, shot her pheasant right out of the air. This bird was retrieved by Carrie, also shown in the picture above.
Terry Lewis, shot this rare White Speckled Pheasant right on the premium property here in Northeast Iowa.
Randy Huffey, Director and Founder of Wildlife Management Partners, shows off combination food plot-switchgrass. (Picture taken Aug. 21st showing how well the cover stays up) Dual plantings are done every year to provide abundant food and cover on the Management Properties.
Rural farming areas make a great playground for pheasant and bird dogs giving them more ground to cover.

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Iowa Pheasant Hunting.

We had a very mild winter here again for the second year in a row. This year has been a bit colder, especially in February and March but very little snow here! That is really good news for the pheasants. April and May were quite dry.

Spring quickly warmed to summer and baby pheasants are beginning to appear along the roadsides again. It has been warm this hatching season. Hopefully it will stay this warm so the chicks won't get too cold.

I have continued to improve the farms I have under lease and management here in NE Iowa. They have tremendous cover on them now. It will undoubtedly be some of the best cover you have ever hunted! Huge tracts of CRP striped with switchgrass cover strips and corn/sorghum food plots.

My rates for hunting in 2007-08 will again be just $75.00 per gun per day. I also have tracts that I will lease to individuals for the season. Season rates depend on the size of the tract, number of hunters, etc. So call for details on that.Currently Iowa pheasant season opens October 29th and runs to January 10th.

I have lots of land in IA and MN. I'm working on leasing properties in WI. I have nearly 10,000 acres total that are available to me, but at present only a few acres in WI. Parcels range in size from over 1,000 contiguous acres on down. You will have plenty of un-pressured land for your hunt(s). All my land is private and managed.

There are very nice motels available here for $40.00 - $60.00 per day. For a hunt group of 3 or more, I would suggest one of the houses that are available. These cost (approx.) $25.00-$30.00/ person/ day. (minimum stays apply) These are fully furnished homes, NOT just backwoods cabins! Very nice

Roosters, oh yeah they have a few to say the least. I've hunted all over and have yet to see land as nice as it is out here. This is as good as it gets as far as i'm conserned, infact i feel that hunting anywere else just will not come close to this. I have yet to experiance a bad hunt, it's like a whole nother world out here! This is just one of the nice roosters I harvested out here during my hunt, and I can't wait to come back!

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