Trophy Whitetail hunting.

Welcome to Wildlife Management Partners. This information includes application info and dates and some general information on how to apply with the appropriate states for your hunt.

Iowa: We are located in Allamakee county in the "Bluff Country" of extreme NE Iowa. Bounded on the north by Minnesota and on the east by the Mississippi River, Allamakee is the #1 county in the state of Iowa for Trophy Whitetail and also ranks among the top for total harvest. Though deer densities on our properties are very high, we keep plenty of food sources available year-round and harvest adequate numbers of does to ensure a good herd structure.

Iowa is a "Draw" state. The application period is generally May 1-31. You must specify Zone 9 and a Season Choice when applying. You can apply online @ or call the IA DNR at 515-281-5918 to have an application packet mailed to you. Applications are available around April 1. The price for a 2009 license was around $550.00 (includes small game + doe tag).

Minnesota: We hunt in Houston Co. (Area 349) in extreme SE MN. Houston county has over 30 miles of common border with Allamakee Co. IA (#1 B&C county in IA) and has identical land features and habitat. Deer densities here are somewhat more variable in the huntable areas of the county but on good private land are as high as in Iowa. Very rugged terrain in Houston county has provided it with a good number of bucks getting to the magical 3 year old mark and older despite slightly higher hunting pressure there. This Houston Co. MN hunt is a better hunt than 3/4 of the state of Iowa could ever offer without the hassle of the tag lottery! Do your own research. Houston County MN is the #1 County in MN for B&C kills per square mile !

Minnesota sells nonresident tags over the counter. Be advised that in the past there has been a two day waiting period for both bow and gun tags bought after the season opener. Purchase your license well before your hunt to ensure you have a valid tag on the first day of your hunt. You can do this online @ or call the MN DNR at 888-646-6367 for other options.

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All hunts require a $500.00 deposit per hunter to reserve your hunt dates. One half of balance of hunt payment is required July 1 (after successful drawing), final balance due three weeks prior to hunt by personal or company check or in $CASH$ on arrival. Your deposits guarantee your hunt dates and the price of your hunt. (In case you don't draw a tag, your hunt price is guaranteed until you do draw.) Your deposit assures that the leases will be maintained, properties remain posted, and the deer there will have adequate food plots and quality deer mineral licks available year around.

You must specify Zone 9 and select a Season Letter * for your tag. Call 800-367-1188 to get your tag. Application period opens in May.
Iowa Seasons:
Letter A = 1st Shotgun     Dec. 5-9
Letter B = 2nd Shotgun   Dec. 12-20
Letter C = Bow         Oct. 1 - Jan. 10Bow Closed Dec.5-20
Letter D = Muzzleloader Dec. 12- Dec.21

A hunter must have their deposit in for an Iowa hunt and be unsuccessful in the Iowa drawing in order to book a Minnesota hunt. Minnesota hunts are booked on a "first deposit" basis until hunts are filled.  I have more properties available in Iowa than Minnesota. Because of the preference point system in Iowa, a nonresident bowhunter will only draw a tag every three or four years for Iowa and a gun hunter will draw 2 out of 3 years.  My Minnesota properties are reserved for those unlucky hunters who have deposited on an Iowa hunt but were unable to draw a tag. This provides return clientel with a quality deer hunt every year. My Minnesota properties would overbook very quickly were I to do it any other way. Iowa deposits cannot be transferred to Minnesota hunts. Again, your IA deposit guarantees your hunt dates and the price of your hunt in IA for a future hunt if you do not draw.
Payment schedule is hunt price by August 1. (After IA draw) Final balance due three weeks prior to hunt by personal or company check or in $CASH$ on arrival. MN licenses are available over the counter, but there is a 2 day delay before licenses are valid. Please secure your bow license before you arrive for your hunt!

Wildlife Management Partners thank you for reading through this. If you have questions not addressed in this page call us at 563-535-3031 or feel free to e mail us at

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