Trophy Whitetail hunting.

We offer you the best Trophy Whitetail hunting in Iowa (or the world for that matter).

Iowa Trophy Whitetails

Turkey Hunting.

Northeast Iowa offers turkey hunters some of the best Trophy potential in the country.
Our leased and managed farms are some of the very best in Northeast Iowa.
We offer an abundance of mature toms with very little hunting pressure. Our largest toms frequently reach an amazing 30 pounds!!!

Pheasant Hunting.

Much of our acreage consits of CRP cover which is continually improved. The CRP now has tremendous cover with alternating strips of switchgrass and food plots which wind for miles. The food plots consist of corn, sorghum, and clover (among other things) and are solely for the benefit of our wildlife. It is undoubtedly some of the best cover you will ever hunt!

English Springer Spaniels.

We have bred some of the best upland bird dogs, English Springer Spaniels, 1997.
Our puppies are socialized in a home with children, other dogs, and a cat from birth.
Springers are hard running, energetic flushers and eager retrievers.

? 2010 Wildlife Management Partners.