English Springer Spaniel puppies for sale.

Please feel free to give us a call at (563) 568-1127 or e mail us at rhuffey@gmail.com for questions or availablility Puppy Pictures taken and posted 1-25-09

White and Black Male #1 Very affectionate for a male, curious and smart.

Black and White male #2 Very nicely marked, more black on right side than left.

White and Liver Male (Mustache Sal) Very unique markings, should be about medium sized.

White and Liver "Peewee" Female This is the samallest of all the puppies. We worked hard to save this dog, so she has had a lot of extra handling. Very sweet! We would like to keep her if she weren't so small.

White and Liver Female #6 More of a "soft" dog. Seems very adaptable, whatever goes on is OK.

White and Liver Female #7 This girl is heavy on the "ticking". She has a good coat and should be a gorgeous full grown dog. "Ticking" is common in the English "Field Bred" dogs.

Older puppies and started dogs for sale...

Ginger Liver and White Daughter of Misty and Lumber D.O.B 3/3/07 Very muscular female. Old English built. Last daughter of "Misty" matriarch of my family of dogs.

Lady "Rita" B&W Female Daughter of Indy and Bobby Born 6-24-07 Looking for a "Field Trial" candidate? Rita is showy and fast. Strong retiever, marks birds better than any Lab! The best looking, and most potential I have seen in breeding hundreds of dogs. $2500.00

Huffeys Big Lumber
Born 9-7-05
"Lumber" is a muscular large framed dog with muscle to spare! He weighs 55-60 Lb. Want to sell because I haven't the time to work him. He is very "birdy" just a bit apprenhencive around guns. I'm sure he will come around. 100% Satisfaction Gurantee on any "started" dogs. A steal at only $500.00.

Rock Rivers Man in Black
"Bobby" (Sire to Lady and Maggie)

Special note about "Bobby"

Bobby was sadly killed in an accident. He was on his way to becoming one of the youngest English Springer Spaniels ever to win his Field Champion Title. Maggie and Lady Rita are some of the last (if not the last) that he sired. Sadly, there will be no more. What a loss. I really liked Bobby's puppies.

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