Iowa Trophy Whitetail 2009 Trail camera pictures.

We use a few cameras in summer to gather pictures for prospective clients to view on the webpage, moving them around every two to three weeks.  This shows antler development over the summer.
Outside hunting seasons our very best spots are off-limits sanctuaries. The cameras in these locations are left up without being checked for months. After years of hunting these farms, we know the bucks are there and we know they should be left alone. As we prepare to put hunters in these locations we collect the cards and familiarize ourselves and clients with the best bucks in that location.

These photos were taken about 100 yards from Randy's house. These bucks were found with locked horns, both on the ground. Randy cut the tines off the 10-pointer's left side, freeing the bucks. The 13-pointer never got up and died in that spot. The 10-pointer, with tines cut off, eventually got up and later our trail cameras captured him chasing does.

2009 Wildlife Management Partners.